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Succesful Weekend

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Last weekend was a succes for FireSpark's dogs 😎

Otto (FireSpark's Rising RockStar) finished JCh Slo in just one weekend ✨

🏆2.7. CAC Rogla, exc1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB

🏆3.7. CACIB Rogla I, exc1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB

🏆4.7. CACIB Rogla II, exc1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB

He is now JCh Slo JCh Cro FireSpark's Rising RockStar 😎

And Maya (FireSpark's Magic Moonglow) rocked at the agility competition. With 2 clear runs she won in her category 🥇🥇In only 4 agility competitions she fulfilled the requrements to run in A2 😎

Huge congratulations to their owners 👏👏

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