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Puppies and breednig

About FireSpark`s

FireSpark`s is a FCI registered Nova Scotia Duck tolling Retriever kennel located in Slovenija, Europe. Our dogs are primarily our family members and sport/working partners, so we do not plan many litters. We carefully choose our breeding combinations, so the couple complements each other. It is important to us that the parents are of good health, stable character, have typical appearance and obtain working abilities. The "girls" that enter our breeding programe are fully health tested (HD/ED, CEA, prcd-PRA, DE, DM, CP, CPS, JADD in CDDY) and are active sport dogs. All our litters are breed under FCI/KZS (Slovenian Kennel Club).

Our aim is to breed healthy dogs who will make great companions as well as sport/hunting partners.


Short breed information and breed standard

Tollers are the smallest retriever breed originating from Canada. They are often mistaken for small Golden retrievers, but don`t be fooled by the look, since tollers are way different than goldens.

They are very intelligent, high-energy dogs with a great will to please. They should have a strong retriever drive and be passionate about the water. As a sporting breed, they require a lot of physical and mental activity. Toller that is not properly excersised and mentally stimulated can become destructive.

They are very attached to their family so it is a must that they live in a close contact with their humans. They can be perfect family dogs, if they are propperly occupied. But even though they love their family, they are often reserved to strangers.

Anyway, we should not forget that this is a hunting breed and "tollers" are happiest when they have a job to do. They are succesfull in many dog sports: obedience, agility, hoopers, flyball, SAR, retriving/dummy...

They make perfect hunting partners.

You can find more information about the breed history, temperament and apperance:

CKC NSDTR standard

FCI NSDTR standard


FireSpark`s puppies

maja 1.jpg

FireSpark`s puppies are born in our living room, where they spend majority of the time the firts 4 weeks of their lives. They have contact with other people (adults and children) and dogs (of checked health status) while they are with us. We handle them with care, so they are used of cuddling, combing, nail trimming, they also get the first bath here. When they are old enough they get to explore outdoors. They spend a lot of time in our outdoor enclosure/play room with many enrichment objects. They get individual play, contact with game, first car ride. They get to explore new places (forest, meadows) and have first contact with water (some even first swim)- if the season/weather is apropriate. We teach them whistle recall and basic manners. We do our best to make early socialization as good as possible.

They are fed with combination of quality kibble and raw dog food. We carefully inspect how they are developing physically and mentally. At the age of 7 weeks we do puppy character and natural abilities test with Klub za delo prinašalcev. They get Veterinary exam, a European passport, are vaccinated and microchiped in the last week of their stay with us. All of our puppies have FCI pedigree. 

They leave our house at the age of 8 weeks or later. We choose new owners carefully, because all the puppies are special to us and deserve only the best. We stay in touch with new owners and offer all the support needed.


If you are interested in getting a puppy from us contact us by email.

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